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Home Cinema / AV Installation / Home Automation Installation, London

Home Cinema / AV Installation / Home Automation Installation, London

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Adair Acoustic is one of the most experienced custom AV installers in the UK. We have been working with clients, architects and interior designers refurbishing and building homes in London and the South for over 25 years.

Along with our vast knowledge of sound and acoustics, we also specialise in the new technologies for the home, including entertainment systems, data networks and control systems.

We tailor every project very tightly to the design brief, the budgets and client’s needs, to ensure we extract absolutely the best performance, reliability and ease of use from the budget.

Our installation standards always remain top class, neat, tidy and serviceable. Installed by our team of very experienced, calm and friendly engineers. A lot of our work comes from recommendation and repeat business. No project is too big or small, our recent clients include Harry Styles, Kate Moss & Will Young.


- 27 Years of experience
– 100s of satisfied clients
– Unparalleled understanding of performance
– High value-for-money results
– One of very few installers with an expert knowledge of sound and acoustics
– Friendly, honest and reliable
– Emphasis on simple-to-use and future-proofed design
– Full back-up and long term support
– Able to ensure strong and reliable Wi-Fi throughout the house
– London-based


- Hi-Fi
-Multi-room TV / Audio
– Home Cinema Installation
– Wi-Fi & Data Networks
– Lighting Control
– Home Automation
– Door Entry
– Heating Control
– Energy Management & Monitoring



It is absolutely vital in the modern home to have a solid and reliable WiFi and data infrastructure. It’s not just for the many laptops and iPads that we like to use wirelessly around the house; how many of your entertainment components require an online connection these days? We’d guess nearly all of them.

It is very important to get an experienced custom installer to set up your home WiFi and data, not only can we configure your entire network, we will also be able to offer fast support and expert advice if you ever have any issues. With a system installed by an electrician, you will most likely be on your own. We all know how frustrating it can be when you are working from home and your internet goes down.

Do you have a large house and struggle getting WiFi to fill it? We are able to install WiFi points throughout and monitor the signal, to ensure you will never be in a WiFi ‘blackspot’.

We also install our systems to be upgradable, so if you ever get a new component and need to connect it into your infrastructure, this will not be a problem and we can advise or install for you quickly and efficiently.



Any high end home will benefit enormously from a well designed and implemented home automation system. We have installed systems in hundreds of homes, using all the main systems from Crestron & Control4 to Savant.

With a well installed home automation system, you will be able to control your entertainment, music lighting, heating, CCTV, networks and more all from the comfort of your IR remote of iOS device.

When refurbishing a home, good planning is essential and our many years of experience make this as painless as possible. We will deal with the complexities of all the new technology for the home and deliver a system that is intuitive, reliable and easy to use. We work closely with your architects and team on site, continually project managing site to ensure a timely delivery of the systems.

The technologies are all new and changing fast, a system installed now maybe dated in just a few years, whereas a well-designed kitchen will still look as stunning as the day it was installed. So we design our systems to be upgradable. We focus our back-up support on the long term relationships. Our clients always have someone to turn to, to keep their systems up with the times and well maintained.




Everyone loves music. It has been proven that listening to music releases dopamine into the brain and provokes emotion. We firmly believe that putting a song is the best way to relax, lift your mood or de-stress.

The days of one main hi-fi system in the living room are gone, there are many multi-room products on the market today that select what you want to play and where all from a central system. This can be linked to streaming services like Spotify and Deezer as well as internet radio or your own library stored on a network hard-drive.

We have been in the hi-fi industry since the 80’s and have heard pretty much every piece of equipment worth hearing, because of this we know what sounds amazing, but also what sounds amazing for its price. With hi-fi many people fall into the trap of ‘if it’s more expensive, it must be better’, this is far from the truth. The only way to know whether something is worth the money of not is to listen to it. Our experience will be able to save you a lot of unnecessary expenditure.

Whether you like to display your speakers in each room or want to discretely hide them, we work with a lot of manufacturers who design magnificent sounding on-wall, in-wall, ceiling and invisible speakers.



We find home cinema to be a very exciting part of any project, as real film fanatics we understand the joy that a great installation can produce. Bringing a true cinematic experience into homes always fun.

We tend to get 2 main types of cinema projects, dedicated home cinema rooms and multi-functional cinema rooms. For the later we can use discrete in-wall and in-ceiling speakers and a screen and projector that can automatically descend from the ceiling when required. During the day, it can be a busy family room and then at the click of a button it can transform into a high-end cinema.
Home Cinema design is not an easy task. While many people can advise you to spend thousands and thousands on the best projectors, speakers and screens, you will not get the high-end performance out of them if the environment is not correct.
In fact, to build a truly great high-end dedicated home cinema takes a deep knowledge of sight and sound.

As our name suggests, Adair Acoustic Design put a real emphasis on ensuring that the environment and acoustics in our home cinema installations are fine tuned to give the film makers the ideal canvas to portray their vision to the viewer – which in the case of sound, is silence.

To get a great home cinema, it is not just all about how much it costs. Without the understanding, inexperienced dealers will fail regardless of the budget they put forward. Actual acoustic treatments are not terribly expensive, it’s all about paying attention to all the details. A great deal of attention to the details.




I just took our system for granted that Chris had installed, but after a few years we bought a fully spec’d house in Arizona & I was shocked at how bad the system sounded. It looked identical – in ceiling speakers, keypads etc, but it was only then did I realise how the sound quality made a difference”Julia; Install Client

While Adair Acoustic’s work for the project [complete house renovation] was by far the most complex, their installation has been the most reliable and trouble free aspect of all.

Tom; Install Client



Office Acoustics

The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) found that 70% of office workers believed their productivity would be higher if their office was less noisy. They also found that 81% of managers were unconcerned about office noise.

When designing an office or workspace so many factors need to be considered, from the aesthetics and light to the ergonomics and temperature. There is a massive emphasis placed on all these factors to ensure that the workers in the office are able to do their job efficiently and comfortably.

Our predominant method of communication is through speech, so why is sound so often overlooked?