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An Introduction to Adair Acoustic

Adair Acoustic Design is lead by Chris Adair with 27 years experience in the field.

The company designs and installs all aspects that relate to the entertainment systems for the home.

The core principles behind the business are:

• Courteous insight – we to listen to the client and design brief first.
• Excellence in performance – by careful attention to every detail.
• Reliability and ease of use – pick it up and use it.
• Highest standards – extremely experienced team.
• Support and long-term relationship.
• Value for money – delivering the experience from experience.

“For every difficult and complicated question there is an answer that is simple, easy to understand, and wrong” H.L.Menkin, 1917.

Our business is surprisingly complex, and the end result must justify the cost and effort. You will be pleased by the sound and performance, and as questions and problems arise, we will be there to help.

Making a Great Sound

At our new showroom, in Clerkenwell Rd EC1, we are making a great sound.

And making a great sound is not just a case of putting a bunch of well reviewed products together, and stop there. We are specialising in the complete picture. For headphones we have the headphone preamps, great cables, superb DACs. For your Hifi system we have specialist racks, isolation platforms, special Mains cables and acoustic treatments. It can all get a little complex at first, but the aim and objective is simply to have your Hifi work to its best. With attention to detail we can get an amazing performance from quite modestly priced components. With the same rigorous attention to detail expensive components then are able to deliver the jaw dropping quality of sound that reviews wax lyrical about.

Its similar to buying a great piece of art, you will need to hang it in the right place, light it well, perhaps repaint the colour of your walls to suit it better, and so on. Your Hifi when set up well will be bringing your music to life, capable of reproducing a convincing audio projection of the live recording there in front of you. Great Sound. Thats our specialisation.

Chris Adair | MD, Adair Acoustic Design.