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Acoustics Design, Consultancy and Installation, London

Acoustics Design, Consultancy and Installation, London

The Hub, Lyme Regis


Anyone who has been serious about hi-fi for over two and a half decades like we have, very likely to develop a knowledge of room acoustics. Whereas most installers are happy to learn a little about speaker placement and how acoustic panels work, this is a subject that we are keenly dedicated to, and as such we have always taken it further than most.

The acoustic properties of your room do not just affect the sound of your music, but also how you feel and how you can communicate with others around you. This can be just as important in an open plan kitchen or dining room as in a dedicated cinema.

We have found well designed acoustic treatments throughout the home or workplace can be something that clients may not think they need beforehand but something that they cannot live without afterwards.

At Adair Acoustic Design we look at all the aspects of the sound, from noise control and balancing of absorption to dispersion. Our expert testing and analysis can allow us to offer solutions that are architecturally and aesthetically pleasing.



The home to most people is a place to relax. There’s nothing quite like getting home from a days work and sitting down with your family away from the stress or the outside world. However, in the modern home is can be difficult to truly relax. Especially in the city, you are often exposed to external noise from roads, rail, air traffic and even your neighbours.

These background noises / vibrations can often cause more problems than you think, including sleep disturbance and psychologically affects.

Of course, you don’t just use your home to relax. Entertaining is a large part of most people’s home-life. With an acoustically bad room, even someone next to you can be difficult to hear, especially with a large group in the room.

The ideal goal for most residential rooms, is to create a quiet and peaceful space that is great for relaxing in without the disruption of outside noise and vibrations; but which transforms into a open sounding room with minimal reflections, allowing people (even in large groups) to speak and hear each other freely.

Acoustics Commercial


Getting the acoustics right on a commercial project can be vital. Whether it is an open plan office, a sports hall or a restaurant, chances are without thought through acoustic measures, you will not get the best out of your space.

If you thought a residential project was important to get right, then imagine how important it is for a commercial project. Take a restaurant for example, you can have up to 100 tables, with 2-20 people on each, and every table is having a separate conversation. Without treatments, this is likely to muddle into one big cloud of noise and generally ruin everyone’s social experience by raising stress levels. Often in a bad room you can hear everyone else talking except the person sat opposite you.

An open plan office workplace is likely to suffer from a similar mix of noise, this time you need to include the likes of computer noise, the buzz of printers, tapping of pens, phone rings and people moving around. I’m sure you can see how productivity will improve if these noises are lessened significantly.

Whether the project is an office, bar, restaurant, gym, shop or something else, we can use techniques like ceiling treatments, wall panels and carefully selected furniture placement to produce an environment that is a perfect fit for your needs.