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Kaleidescape is a world leading company that produces high-quality DVD & Blu-ray players that are capable of downloading, ripping and storing a massive range of TV and film and playing it back (via your network) in amazing quality throughout your whole house.

Why We Chose Kaleidescape

As with a lot of modern multi-room systems; convenience, ease-of-use and quality are key. Kaleidescape passes all of these tests with flying colours. Their devices make it extremely simple for film-lovers to build a satisfying cinema library without having to keep stacks and stacks of DVD cases on their bookshelf. It is also an integral part of a great whole house installation as the client is able to select and watch their selection from the wide library from the comfort of any room in their house.

We at Adair also love the idea of using a Kaleidescape as a very convenient tool for hard disc playback of CD collection, as the interface software is excellent and the digital output stream works great with an audiophile DAC.

Kaleidescape Cinema One Movie Player

Kaleidescape Brand History

The idea for Kaleidescape was born in San Francisco’s Silicon Valley back in 2001, after founder Michael Maclolm had his state-of-the-art home cinema installed. Though he loved how great his film experience was, he felt that there had to be an easier way to play and store the collection.

The initial idea was to use the internet as the main delivery vehicle for movies but back in the early 00’s, they knew until the technology had caught up with their idea discs would have to suffice.  Considerable research and development led to the discovery of (with carefully designed hardware and software) the ability to build a legal system that enables customers to copy their movies to hard disks for immediate playback anywhere in the home. This was the discovery that led to the first Kaleidescape System being introduced in 2003.

Over the following 10 years Kaleidescape has grown significantly, as is now a world leader for this type of product. They have developed the Kaleidescape store with 1000’s of titles available to download straight onto your system. With the development of the Kaleidescape app for iPad and iPhone, you are now able to control and browse your collection at your leisure without disrupting the television.