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With their headphone range, KEF has done what many other Hi-Fi turned headphone manufacturers have been unable to do and that is produce great sounding headphones that also stand out with their unique and beautiful design.

Why We Chose KEF

KEF is a well known name in the loudspeaker industry, but it was the introduction of their new headphone range that really grabbed our attention. When looking for a perfect commuter/traveller headphone range to add to our offering, the KEF range seemed perfect. Well-made, great sounding, stylish and compact.

The History of KEF

KEF began life producing agricultural equipment in an old World War I nissen hut, under the guise of Kent Engineering and Foundry. In 1961, KEF MD Raymond Cooke acquired the premises for his new venture. High fi­delity stereo loudspeakers.

KEF M500 Headphones

Prior to founding KEF Audio, Cooke had learnt much of his electronics knowledge during his time in the army throughout World War II, he then went on to further his expertise at the BBC and Wharfdale. When the latter was taken over by a larger corporation, Cooke decided to take the jump and form his own loudspeaker company.

Though KEF were producing their own loudspeakers, Cooke decided that it was bene­ficial to distribute their drivers to our speaker companies and it wasn’t long before the likes of IMF, Linn and Wilson Audio were all using KEF drivers. At its peak,

KEF was making a total of 10,000 raw drivers, of all types, per week. During the past 50 years of manufacturing loudspeakers, the biggest achievement by KEF has to be reducing the average size of home loudspeakers with adequate bass from 9–10 cubic feet to about 2 cubic feet. KEF was also the ­first loudspeaker company to begin large-scale production of drivers with cones made of materials other than paper.

In 2013, KEF announced that it was taking its extensive experience in speaker design to the portable market, blending its audio expertise with high-quality industrial design and manufacturing to deliver the new M Series headphones.