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Lehmann  Audio

Lehmann Audio is a German manufacturer of high-end phono stages and headphone amplifiers. Its trademark product the ‘Black Cube’ phono stage has been a must buy for avid vinyl listeners for many years, and the recent developments of the range have allowed fans of the Black Cube and the Linear headphone amp to take the Lehmann sound the extra step further for a true audiophile experience.

Why we chose Lehmann Audio

In our ‘headphone bay’ we have a large range of desktop hi-fi products, but although the range is large, most the products would fall into the affordable bracket rather than the high-end. When looking for a more high-end option for the range, Lehmann was the only brand that we found to give sound quality worth the price tag.

Lehmann Audio Linear USB Headphone Amp

The History of Lehmann Audio

The idea of Lehmann Audio began in 1988, when founder Norbert Lehmann was studying sound engineering and working part-time as an audio technician. Norbert was listening to music over two amplifiers with identical specifications but realised that the sound was ‘worlds apart’; he knew then that the discrepancy in sound quality had to lie deeper, in circuit details and components.

Once realising how much you can change the quality of sound by altering the circuitry, Norbert began experimenting with components and building his own devices. Sound quality was always most important. Lehmann continued making his own products but it was not until 1994, when he made the first ever combined digital and analogue pre-amplifier, that he began to build his products in mass. The next year saw the release of the Black Cube phono stage and Lehmann Audio had put itself firmly on the hi-fi map.

Reviews for the Black Cube started to roll in each better than the last, and the product would remain a top choice phono stage for the decades to come.

Building on the success of the Black Cube, Lehmann Audio began producing headphone amplifiers, most notably the Lehmann Linear, a high-end HPA which is known for giving great richness and depth to the music whilst sitting comfortably in a desktop set up.

Lehmann Audio continues to research and improve its products. The most recent release being its new reference headphone amp, the Linear SE.  Norbert still holds his love for music and it doesn’t look like he will stop his search for audio perfection any time soon.

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