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Micromega Hi-Fi

Micromega is a French hi-fi manufacturer which has built a reputation for innovation. Since returning to the UK market in 2007, Micromega have taken the bold step of entering the desktop hi-fi sector. The new ‘My’ range of desktop components has been highly praised for their great sound and affordable prices by many hi-fi reviewers.

Why We Chose Micromega

At Adair Acoustic we really appreciate the way Micromega are geared towards the sound rather than wasting money where it is often not required. This is a refreshing philosophy for a hi-fi company to have in 2014, when so often looks are placed higher on the agenda than sound. It is also great to see Micromega manufacturing their equipment in their home country of France.

The History of Micromega

Micromega Hi-Fi is a name that most seasoned audiophiles will remember, be it fondly or more often than not less so. The fact is that between 1987 and 1997, the French company was famous for their innovative nature especially in regards to CD Players. Under founder Daniel Schar, they are even credited with inventing the first top-opening CD player (CDF1-Hitech) and the first 2-piece CD player (CDF1-Digital).

Everything was going swimmingly for Micromega for around 10 years, they had become a name in the industry and sales were good, however, as is so often the story in this industry, the late 90’s/early 00’s hit.

Micromega MyZic Headphone Amplifier

In 1997 Micromega was forced to pull out of the UK market. They did so, leaving many customers stranded and with an array of reliability issues unsolved. As I mentioned in the opening sentence, this left a bad taste in many UK users’ mouths. The Micromega name really took a hit, and looked unlikely to return, let alone return successfully.

Ten long years go by and up steps ex-motorcycle champion and CEO of industrial electronics company SICOM, Didier Hamdi; who bought the company in March 2007.

Didier is a true music lover. His first port of call was to regain some faith in the Micromega name; he set about cleaning up problems that Micromega customers in the UK had suffered since their absence from the market. Even though nearly all the products were out of warranty, Mr. Hamdi was still willing to help out and solve as many problems as possible.

Once the damage limitation had been done, it was time to set out some new goals for Micromega. Didier claimed it was ‘important to set ourselves apart and come up with high-quality products that are accessible to everyone, not just the consumers on the high-end of the high-fidelity market.’

Micromega came back with a range of new products designed by founder Daniel Schar, who was now in a full-time head of R&D role. The range included the ‘AirDream’ streamer which got a lot of good reviews and press, but Didier had further ideas to really stamp Micromega’s name back in the market. This was the ‘My’ range.

After realising that most music lovers were no longer just using separates systems but in fact mainly were playing music through their computers at their desks. Mr. Hamdi wanted to create a range of desktop hi-fi devices to allow people to get the most out of their easy-to-access digital libraries. The aim for the ‘My’ range was to create products that were small, high quality, affordable and made in France.

At the moment the ‘My’ range consists of the MyDAC, MyGroov phono stage and the MyZic headphone amplifier but Didier Hamdi has already hinted at what is to come from the ‘My’ range in 2014. He was quoted with revealing ‘In early 2014, we will release the MyAmp (2x35W, Class AB); it is the smallest amplifier in the world and will cost 475 €. We will also be releasing MyCables, a range of cables (with coaxial, USB, and digital  connections) that will be available for a very competitive price (from 40 to 65 € per pair). Then the MySteam, a wireless converter (24/96), will come out, followed by the MyDisc. I will be honest: we are also thinking about the possibility of one day offering MySpeakers, which would complete the “My” family.’

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