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Monitor Audio

Loudspeaker manufacturer Monitor Audio has been operating since 1972. Their speakers have inventive designs which have both surprised and shaped the market, but the brand has kept ownership of their great ideas, thus building a solid image that reflects their products and work method.

Why we chose Monitor Audio

A very solid brand, Monitor Audio has been funcioning since hifi was a toddler. Not only watching it grow, the company has contributed highly to its improving and success and leaves every customer satisfied, thanks to a flexible and reliable set of principles. To us, this sounds like a brand we want to supply. It is also a brand that we have used in many AV projects, so we have experience with what we’re talking about.

Monitor Audio Radius R90HT1

Monitor Audio Brand Description

The 70s. The decade that opened doors around the world. It was also when Monitor Audio first opened its own doors in to the hifi world. 1972 was the year when Mo Iqbal started working on his first piece of hifi. In 1974, the MA3 loudspeaker was brought out to take the brand on a very successful journey. By 76, the company was producing its own cabinets in-house and after three years, out came a beautiful, wooden-decked record player, the ET500 Direct Drive Turntable. Changing the concept of loudspeakers by creating a metal dome tweeter, 1988 was the year the world first heard music through the Gold Metal Dome tweeter on the R352/MD and then in 1989, through a Ceramic Metal Woofer on the Studio 10 loudspeaker.

After playing some more with heavy metals, Mo Iqbal let Dean Hartley into the game, whose first big moment in the company after the handover must have been when Monitor Audio went online with its first website in 1998. But Dean didn’s stop the new ideas there.

In 2005, the mind-blowing Monitor Audio i-decks started rocking bedrooms and kitchens round the world. 2010 was another memorable peak for the brand’s best skill, which they call “MA Innovation”, because this was when their very own air streamer was released: the AirStream10 – a “you must make room for it” kind of compact hifi device.

This British brand has gone global. It has invented out-of-the-box, brave designs by using top quality techniques and metal domes, a complicated material for loudspeakers, as metal is not a simple material to curve. Manufacturers usually go for paper or plastic.

The whole range includes light, yet reliable Ceramic-Coated Aluminium Magnesium (C-CAM®) metal alloy driver cones that ensure a faithful, virtually natural performance with fulfilling soundstage and dynamic bass, whether when watching films or listening to music. The units are also compact, whilst very effective and distort-free, which means that the many creations will easily fit into smaller cabinets to suit personal décor tastes and needs.

Monitor Audio make in-wall and in-ceiling designs for installations as well as uniquely designed and unassuming loudspeakers for the floor, for the desktop, bookshelf, desk and kitchen table. 

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