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Musical Fidelity

Musical Fidelity is a company that has a keen following and a big reputation in the industry for their amplifiers and source components. Noticing the rise of desktop hi-fi, Musical Fidelity began to develop both the V90 range of mini-components and the MF range of headphones. Since their release, both ranges have received high praise for their natural sound and clean design.

Why we chose Musical Fidelity

With many audio companies it is difficult to describe their sound as a whole. This is not the case with Musical Fidelity; their sound signatur is common throughout all their products. It is a sweet and very musical sound.

At Adair Acoustic we think it is great for a company to have such a distinctive sound across such a wide product range. A sound that we happen to think is truly excellent.

Musical Fidelity V90 HPA

The History of Musical Fidelity

Musical Fidelity recently celebrated its 30th year of business. A great achievement for anyone, but especially so for a company that was really started by accident.

In 1982, Anthony Michaelson, a keen music fan and clarinet player, decided he was fed-up with the pre-amp in his home system so he designed and made his own. He named it simply ‘The Preamp’ and in his house it stayed. However, some time later, Anthony’s audio dealer friend came round and heard it, and immediately placed an order for some. They sold out over the first weekend they were on display, so he ordered more. Almost by accident Musical Fidelity was born.

Two years later, Anthony released his second product the ‘A1’ integrated amplifier, which good extremely great reviews and allow Musical Fidelity to put its foot firmly on the map. Hi-Fi Answers magazine for example called the A1 ‘the most important development so far in the renaissance of the UK hi-fi scene’.

Musical Fidelity became known as a company that was pushing the boundaries of Hi-fi in 1987, when it developed the world’s first DAC (digital-to-audio converter). A product which is now common place in modern hi-fi setups worldwide.

Over the next 15 years, Musical Fidelity continued growing and developed a wide range of products including tube amplifiers, SACD players, turntables as well as developing their already popular pre and power amplifiers.

The company’s latest products, the V90 series (including a mini DAC, headphone amp and phono stage) as well as the new headphones range have successfully managed to transfer their distinctive signature into affordable and more accessible products meaning entry-level audiophiles are now able to get the Musical Fidelity sound without spending thousands.

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