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Pro-Ject Audio

Pro-ject is the company often cited as being almost single-handedly responsible for the vinyl revival. Their unique minimalist methods of designing record players for performance have since become the norm for turntable manufacture around the world.

Pro-Ject design their record players and desktop boxes by eliminating any unnecessary components and putting money saved back into improving the sound quality.

Why We Chose Pro-Ject

Their tried and tested turntables are stylish, simple and sound great. We at Adair Acoustic are extremely excited to see if Pro-Ject are able to now convince the world of today that there is more to music than an iPod docking station. Enter the Box Design by Pro-Ject range.

The History of Pro-JectPro-Ject Xpression Carbon Record Player

In 1991 most people were just discovering CD players. The world seemed fascinated by digital music and the ease of which music was becoming playable. Many were saying that analogue music, specifically vinyl, was dying out. A crazy time to form a company specialising in phono products, right?

One person who might disagree would be Heinz Lichtenegger, who established Pro-Ject Audio in Prague that very year with quite strange circumstances.

Heinz was given the base turntable for his first prototype, the ‘DM1000’, by a girl who had found it in the throw-away pile outside the factory of Czech manufacturer ETA. Being a keen lover of vinyl, he began to tweak and upgrade the turntable to get a sound that he could appreciate out of it. Once finished, it sounded so good that he entered it into a German hi-fi magazine to review. It was rated the best in its class, against a range of far more expensive competitors.

After the successful review and the increase in demand that followed, Heinz went back to the factory for more supplies only to be by the owners that turntable production had ceased because nobody wanted to buy them anymore. Discussions went on, and Heinz ended up buying the company and evolving it into Pro-Ject Audio.

The goal that Heinz wanted to achieve from Pro-Ject was simple, affordable, easy to use turntables designed to bring to people what Lichtenegger calls ‘the art of listening to music’ at the lowest cost.  Pro-Ject have stripped back turntables, taking out the unnecessary (and often sound affecting) features and concentrating on the key features properly. A mentality that the company still holds to this day.

Pro-Ject continued to sell record players when almost everybody else gave up, and now with 20 years experience and reputation behind them, they are in pole position to reap the rewards of the current vinyl revival.

Never one to give up on something, Pro-Ject has recently vowed to help turn the ‘Ipod generation’ back to hi-fi. They are doing this through the introduction of their ‘Box Design’ range of desktop hi-fi products, many of which are designed specifically to enhance digital music.

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