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Resolution Audio

Resolution Audio works hard to get closer to the ultimate linear CD Player that will also keep up with the latest technology. The Opus Series, the C50 Amplifier and the Cantata Music Centre are all great designs that prove it and leave you hooked.

Why We Chose Resolution Audio

We feel a connection to Resolution, as we share the same principle that audio devices should be made to optimum capacity and efficiency. A visually striking and simple music player, the Cantata caught our eye in the beginning and is still blowing us away.

Resolution Cantata Music Centre

The History of Resolution

Resolution Audio’s fine audio solutions are the creation of one man: Jeff Kalt.

Jeff started his career as an audio manufacturer, building a Digital to Analog converter in 1993. He graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and got immediately into the audio sector. He focused on producing equipment that would mainly please the ears without burning a hole in the pocket.

His first Digital to Analog converter in 1993 proved his talent straight away.

In an attempt to integrate an iTunes client in the XS (extra sources) box of the Opus 21 series, Air streaming became too much of an obstacle, so the project developed into Cantata, an all-in-one streamer + CD player + USB DAC.

To create the unique, organic look, Jeff has co-designed the casing with Neal Feay Company, thus dubling the end price and boosting the design to a whole new level.

With Ford Aerospace, Creek Audio and some companies in the US Government on his CV, Jeff Kalt lends himself to the magnificence of his creations.