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Rotel products offer exceptional quality for their price; they are a fantastic option for someone looking to step into the world of high fidelity audio. It is not just the sound quality that is excellent; all Rotel products are beautifully designed and made to last also.

Why We Chose Rotel

It is no secret that we love high-end audio, but we are also keen to find the products that can offer supreme audiophile-standard sound but at a price that is affordable. Rotel is a great example of this; their products often outshine those that cost almost double.

The History of Rotel

Rotel RCD-12 CD Player

Rotel is a family run company with a strong core belief in being able to finely judge the line between manufacturing products of the highest quality and cost-optimised engineering. They call this philosophy their ‘Balanced Design Concept’. This thinking informs every engineering decision of every product they make.

The company has been producing high quality audio equipment since 1966. Though created in Japan by Tomiko Tachikowa, the company has taken a large British influence. Currently research and development is carried out in the UK factory whilst design and manufacture is done in Tokyo and South Korea. It is because of this that many Rotel listeners describe it as a ‘natural British sound’.

Often seen as an innovator in the industry, Rotel have noticed the change in the audio landscape in recent years and as such are focusing on integrating the likes of high-res downloads, wireless streaming, iPod/iPad connectivity and internet radio into their latest products. It is this mentality of innovation and improvement that is likely to keep Rotel a major name in the industry for many more years to come.

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