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Ruark Audio

Ruark has a reputation for encasing its bright compact audio solutions into consistently elegant products. Throughout a collection of “boutique” stereo systems, Ruark present amazing looking and performing sound equipment for the home. However, Ruark Audio was founded in Essex, UK almost 30 years ago having started out as very successful loudspeaker manufacturers.

Why We Chose Ruark Audio

We live in the city and so do many of our customers. The sleek Ruark products are ideal for a loft in Shoreditch or a studio flat in the West End. Also, they make great sound! Such irresistibly good-looking and I-have-to-touch items simply belong in our showroom. Other music centres don’t fill the room with high fidelity sound as well as Ruark.

The History of Ruark Audio

Alan O’Rourke, son of Brian O’Rourke, joined his dad to found Ruark Acoustics in 1985. Brian’s background in furniture design is still proving very insightful for the brand’s image. His experience with Fender guitar importers and professional ampplifier manufacturers Arbiter added to the expertise and interest in audio which, together with Alan’s own skills gained through jobs in Ford Motor and Marconi, could only mean the success they came to know.

Ruark Audio R1 Tabletop Radio

Brian and Alan worked hard, having found their first space in a private industrial estate, just big enough for them to focus on creating the sound they planned for their loudspeakers to produce. Sabre & Broadsword, the first two creations took two years to perfect before being highly acclaimed by the HiFi press. Then came the Accolade, the first reference floorstander that raised Ruark to the high-end.
In 1988, it was time to expand. Sainsbury’s former manager Neil Adams (and Brian’s son-in-law) joined the team to improve quality control.

Talisman 1 and Crusader 1 brought out the new Ruark style in 1990. A year later, they started using computer technology to aid testing that is still, and always has been, carried out by ear; a high value for the founders that seems to have stayed with the brand.

After a few more speaker designs, Ruark bought their own, bigger factory in Southend-On-Sea (now one of two sites), where they created some more loudspeakers before a twist in production.

The launch of the first radio in 2004 filled the search for a good quality radio in the rise of DAB. This soon became a mission to bring digital radio to another level.

Producing the last speakers in 2005, the CL series, the company put loudspeaker design on standby and followed the market with their innovative compact music systems.

The current Managing Director, founder Alan, designs the R products to tend to living spaces, adding class to the décor of chic, high-end hotels. All the systems are very fairly priced and make excellent presents!

The range will cover your full home, with solutions for the kitchen, bedroom and a new Ruark for the living-room. The favourite, R1 can also be carried by hand to a picnic!

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