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Stax Earspeakers

Stax do not just manufacture run-of-the-mill headphones.

They produce high-end electrostatic headphones and have been doing so for 50 years. In fact Stax invented the electrostatic headphone, hence the name, which was originally derived from the word ‘electrostatic’.

Why we chose Stax

As is so often the case in life, the truly great things are not necessarily the most popular things; Stax is one of those things. Cult headphones if you like. Stax always had the mindset of a small business, they knew when they were manufacturing the first earspeakers that this would be the case, they knew they would not be sold in the large chains but they did know that those who saved up and bought a pair of Stax would truly appreciate them. Given their acoustic range and depth, Stax headphones are the top recommended headphones at Adair Acoustic, especially to a fan of classical music or jazz.

In our eyes, Stax are the great headphones currently available on the market.

The Technology in Stax Earspeakers

Stax SR-507

So, what is the difference? Electrostatic are a whole different animal to the more common dynamic headphones. Conventional electrodynamic headphones use a coil inside a magnet to create an electromagnetic force and vibrate the coil which is attached to the cone, moving the cone in and out. Electrostatic headphones work using an ultra-light film. A static electric charge is applied to the film (without touching it) and when audio voltages are applied the static cling and repulsion causes the film to move.  This basically means that no energy is stored and there are no resonances, leading to a superior, less distorted sound.

Many well-known brands have tried manufacturing electrostatic headphones including Sony, Pioneer and Audio-Technica but all have soon stopped production and concentrated on more easy-to-sell dynamic headphones instead. This is what sets Stax apart from the others, where most companies have seen the difference in sound that can be achieved they have still given up, but through their love of sound, Stax continue to sell amazing quality electrostatic headphones when no one else wants to.

Stax set out with a simple goal, to attain the most transparent, high resolution sound achievable. A goal the company still holds to this day. They may not sell millions of units a year, but they are a reference to many audiophiles who are happy to save up their pennies for Stax combinations.  Many people think the Stax sound so good, they use them as their main speakers, as to buy a power amp and speaker set up to rival the sound of the Stax would cost much more

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