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Townshend Audio. Demo. London. Isolation. Platform. Rack. Stand. Speakers. Cable. Interconnects. Rock 7 Turnable. Maximum Supertweeters, Cryogenic. Hi-Fi. Clerkenwell

Townshend Audio

Townshend Audio creates beautiful hifi stands as well as cables, super-tweeters, a record player and a pre-amp. The special thing about them is that they deeply believe in high quality sound and enjoy it so much, that you can feel it in everything they do, even in copy write or from a simple conversation.

Why We Chose Townshend Audio

In our showroom we are stocking Townshend Stands and the Seismic Isolation Platform. In the search for the best stands in hifi, Townshend Audio stood out for their sleek, minimal designs and sturdy, reliable technology. For our city showroom with an almost industrial-chique approach, the trendy look of their racks felt like the perfect fit. Indeed it suits our hifi equipment to a great result.


About Townshend Audio

From the thought “Making music is art, reproducing it is Engineering!” you can get a good idea of how this audio component manufacturer does things.

This solid passion for high-quality sound has been applied to all things Townshend. So much so, that they were not satisfied with the existing techniques and had to invent their own Seismic Isolation devices using a PodTM. It’s essentially an incredibly strong and flexible steel spring prepared to suspend speakers, stereo systems or any other sound systems up to 265kg.

For almost 50 years, engineers at Townshend have been working hard at creating furniture that’s easy on the ears as well as the eyes, focusing especially on new ways to isolate the wanted vibrations from the harmful ones. In our showroom, you can observe and experience the stands for yourself.

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