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Vertex AQ

Vertex AQ are a unique company, their products (when used correctly) will be able to achieve a performance that would be very difficult to match. The truth is, sometimes you may be looking for a new component when actually that might be the wrong place to start; often whatever is keeping your system from sounding just right is caused by the problems outside of the quality of your components. Vertex AQ are masters of eliminating interference from RFI, EMI and vibrations leaving you with a signal that is as clean as possible.

Why We Chose Vertex AQ

You really have to do the Vertex demo for yourself to really see the types of improvements that adding the right Vertex products into your system can make. It is quite staggering. We did the full demonstration on our top system, and rest assured we almost instantly brought the brand in to our shop.

We found that Vertex products make you really listen/enjoy your music, they are the types of products that make you go back through your entire collection and listen afresh.

Vertex AQ have a great way of looking at things, and from speaking to Steve from Vertex, we get a sense that they have a real passion for what they do.

Vertex AQ Standard Roraima Mains Lead

Vertex AQ Brand History

The founders — Steve Elford and John Cheadle — formed Vertex AQ whilst Steve was serving in the Royal Air Force and John was a designer for AudioCom and Marston Audio. Their first creation was launched in 1999, the mk1 Jaya, which gave way to a new era in audio. Other essential elements for hi-fi equipment were produced, such as support platforms, cables and mains filters, thus building the solid range of high-end hifi miracles Vertex have today. In 2002, the company got its first review in HiFi+ magazine. The company reached many audiophiles and consequently expanded to a point when Steve opted to fully dedicate his time to Vertex AQ.

As well as expanding market-wise, the company has since added a number of items to their portfolio, such as the HiRez cables, support platforms and the Taga distribution/filter block. All products are hand-made in Wales.

The key behind all that Vertex do, is their ‘Systematic Approach’ to hi-fi. In simple terms, this is a system that Vertex have conceived to ensure that all outside factors are considered including the environment, vibration management, removing unwanted interference, acoustic propagation and more. Once you have considered all these points, you will then be able to understand fully how you can improve your system and ultimately get a vastly improved sound. If you would like to read the Vertex ‘Systematic Approach’ in depth, it is available HERE.

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