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Wireworld is a UK based manufacturer of high quality AV cables. From HDMI to speaker cables to Mini-jack cables, Wireworld will have a range for each starting at tens of pounds and going up to the Platinum cables which can cost thousands.

Anyone who has tested the difference a good cable makes to your sound will be looking to eventually move up the ranges and get a true audiophile experience.

Why We Chose Wireworld

Wireworld Luna 7

Besides preferring passionate creators, at Adair Acoustic we appreciate Wireworld cables for carrying very pleasing sound from source to component, to component… to speakers. And they don’t carry a heavy price tag.

Even cable names sound inspired.

The History of Wireworld

Like a child plays with their colourful Lego blocks, David Salz, founder of Wireworld, would play with any audio equipment he would get his hands on. As a child. Like anybody would have guessed, it lead to something very good.

This is where curiosity and a pinch of drive can take you: being so much of an audiophile that you specialise in hifi cable engineering.

In a family of pianists and a natural appetite for design, David has explored his background in music by digging deep into anything that caught his attention, which is the best way to learn if you’re daring enough.

The high-end audio sector first caught David’s ear when working in the car stereo industry. Once again, that little explorer inside him was itching to try home audio, so he began at home with his own Magneplanar and Audio Research setup. The cables seemed to never reach perfection, which was what David then set his mind to work on and design for the end-result and not based on the follow-the-textbook trend.

All that drive has, needless to say, grown into the international company that is Wireworld. Distributing UK manufactured cables to virtually anywhere in the globe, the company uses a series of techniques to create its Trademarked designs of many shapes and effects.

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