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  • May 16 / 2014
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Townshend Allegri Pre-Amplifier Review

Townshend Audio Allegri Preamplifier

Townshend Audio are not your normal Hi-Fi company, they don’t just make a pre-amp, a power amp, a cd player and a DAC like so many. They go beyond and look at ways to offer their customers something different, something that will add a new dimension to their system.

We’ve had a range of Townshend equipment in the Adair Acoustic showroom since we opened in January; it was mainly products centred around their ‘Seismic Vibration Isolation’ principles. We have their platforms and stands in our system and we have certainly been impressed with the improvements that we got. More clarity, wider soundstage, reduced muddiness and generally a better managed sound. Continue Reading

  • Apr 14 / 2014
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Fostex TH600 Over-Ear Headphones Review


Those familiar with Fostex will know of their pedigree in the recording equipment market, but it is their TH range of headphones that have been making the biggest waves for them in the recent years but how good are they really, when compared to the likes of Grado and Stax?

The TH600s that I am reviewing are the baby brothers of the reference TH900 cans. Both headphones have an almost identical design, just with different finishes. I actually prefer the look of the TH600, they have a very cool matte black coating, not too dissimilar from the uber-trendy AIAIAI DJ headphones.  These are large closed back cans with a quarter-inch jack, so really they are designed for home listening. Priced at £840.00, they may be the little brother but they are still a very high end model. Continue Reading

  • Feb 05 / 2014
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HiFiMAN RE-400 In-ear Headphones Review

HiFiMAN RE-400

The RE-400 in-ear headphones were tested using FLAC files from an Astell & Kern AK120.

The RE-400s are HiFiMAN’s starting headphones; they are IEMs and retail for £99.00. The packaging is very cool, and really gives you the impression that this is a premium brand. The phones themselves are encased in a foam housing with a mock velvet top layer, which is then enclosed into a solid Perspex outer sleeve. It is probably the most premium feeling IEM case I have seen.

HiFiMAN RE-400

The headphones themselves are also aesthetically pleasing (as designers like to say), they are small and light with a simple minimalist metallic design.

The sound of the headphones is clear with great transparency; the highs are very good without distortion even at very high volumes. They are balanced towards the trebles rather than the bass, for me a little more emphasis on the deeper bass notes would be an improvement. The soundstage is wide for IEMs and they isolate the certain instruments well.

The RE-400s are versatile, they handle most genres well. Perhaps not for those into drum & bass and other bass heavy genres, but I found they handled Rock, Classical, Soul & Folk very well.

They retail at the moment for £99.00 which seems a fair price to me. They are up there with the best under £100 IEMs that I have tried.