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HiFiMAN RE-400 In-ear Headphones Review

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HiFiMAN RE-400 In-ear Headphones Review

HiFiMAN RE-400

The RE-400 in-ear headphones were tested using FLAC files from an Astell & Kern AK120.

The RE-400s are HiFiMAN’s starting headphones; they are IEMs and retail for £99.00. The packaging is very cool, and really gives you the impression that this is a premium brand. The phones themselves are encased in a foam housing with a mock velvet top layer, which is then enclosed into a solid Perspex outer sleeve. It is probably the most premium feeling IEM case I have seen.

HiFiMAN RE-400

The headphones themselves are also aesthetically pleasing (as designers like to say), they are small and light with a simple minimalist metallic design.

The sound of the headphones is clear with great transparency; the highs are very good without distortion even at very high volumes. They are balanced towards the trebles rather than the bass, for me a little more emphasis on the deeper bass notes would be an improvement. The soundstage is wide for IEMs and they isolate the certain instruments well.

The RE-400s are versatile, they handle most genres well. Perhaps not for those into drum & bass and other bass heavy genres, but I found they handled Rock, Classical, Soul & Folk very well.

They retail at the moment for £99.00 which seems a fair price to me. They are up there with the best under £100 IEMs that I have tried.

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