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AV Installation & Home Automation, London & South England

AV Installation & Home Automation, London & South England


Refurbishing your home is an exciting, creative and expensive project. We have been working with clients, architects and interior designers in London and the South for over 25 years in this field. We tailor every project very tightly to the design brief, the budgets and clients needs, to ensure we extract absolutely the best performance, reliability and ease of use from the budget.

Our AV installation standards always remain exceptional, tidy and serviceable. Installed by our team of very experienced, calm and friendly London-based engineers. Most of our work comes from recommendation and repeat business.

We start with the brief and the budget, this will guide us towards the best solution, drawing from the great range of products and solutions available to ensure every penny is put to best use. 

We carry out a lot of high-end AV installations where we keep the music system separate from TV, lighting and door entry. Then the key TV (cinema) areas we connect everything together with a Control4 system for single remote control that’s as easy to use as a sky remote. This approach has been very successful with  a number of London-based music celebrities recently, as they want the focus on a great sound.

All these services are data driven, and a strong efficient data network is an essential backbone. We locate WiFi points at the design stage, so that they don’t end up strewn on the floor as an afterthought.


It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the choice of features and attributes to a system, but at the end of the day a system needs to perform. The quality of sound and picture performance will be what you enjoy. This difference in quality and performance may not add a penny to a system cost, but it is adding an enduring value to your investment, enhancing your pleasure of being at home.



It is absolutely vital in the modern home to have a solid and reliable WiFi and data infrastructure. It’s not just for the many laptops and iPads that we like to use wirelessly around the house; how many of your entertainment components require an online connection these days? We’d guess nearly all of them.

It is very important to get an experienced custom installer to set up your home WiFi and data, not only can we configure your entire network, we will also be able to offer fast support and expert advice if you ever have any issues. With a system installed by an electrician, you will most likely be on your own. We all know how frustrating it can be when you are working from home and your internet goes down.

Even in a large house you can have strong Wi-Fi throughout with no ‘blackspots’. This is important as the faster internet is, the smaller the range is. Losing just 1 bar of signal can cause a 50% decrease in speed.


We are well aware that the technologies we use are all new and changing fast, a system installed now maybe dated in just a few years, where as a well designed kitchen will still look as stunning as the day it was installed.

To combat this we design all our systems to be upgradable. We focus our back-up support on the long term relationships. Our clients always have someone to turn to, to keep their systems up with the times and well maintained.


ATC tower speaker in vintage home

Having great acoustics in your home is important for those who enjoy listening to a high-end hifi system, our knowledge of acoustics allows us to create immersive home cinemas which make you feel as if you are in the movie as well as social rooms where everybody can hear each other clearly.

To get a great acoustic environment, it is not just all about how much it costs. Without the understanding, inexperienced dealers will fail regardless of the budget they put forward. Actual acoustic treatments are not terribly expensive, it’s all about paying attention to all the details. A great deal of attention to the details.

Our Managing Director is even completing a masters degree in acoustics as we speak.


We work closely with architects and client to ensure our systems are integrated into their designs. We work with care and attention to detail and ensure that our clients are looked after and happy throughout the entire installation and beyond.

We realise that your home is your home, and we are meticulous about leaving it as it was when we leave. We take our shoes off when we arrive and ensure everything is left tidy when we leave.

It is one thing to install a system, but it is another to make sure it is maintained and the client is happy. Because of this, we offer ongoing support for our systems.