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Home Automation Installation, London, South, Savant

Home Automation Installation, London, South, Savant


Automation is considered by many to be the ultimate upgrade to your home, the once seemingly far-fetched idea of having one system with which to control your entire home at the click of a button is now a reality.

We are able to design, install and program an automation system that will allow you to control your TV/cinema, audio, entertainment, lighting, heating, CCTV, data networks, door entry and more all from a remote or iPad. Some of these may already be installed in a modern house and running independently, the idea of automation is to integrate them together and create and simple and secure way of controlling them.

It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the choice of features and attributes to an automation system, but at the end of the day a system needs to perform.

This difference in quality and performance may not add a penny to a system cost, but it is adding an enduring value to your investment, enhancing your pleasure of being at home.

The technologies are all new and changing fast, a system installed now maybe dated in just a few years, So we design our systems to be upgradable. We focus our back-up support on the long term relationships. Our clients always have someone to turn to, to keep their systems up with the times and well maintained.



Any high end project will benefit enormously from a well designed and implemented automation system. We have completed a number of Savant systems, which is native on the Apple Mac platform. The Savant system is fast, reliable and beautifully presented. As automation systems go, its the best in our opinion.

It is not just a way of controlling your system though, Savant is far more. With Savant you are able to harmonise the whole system, for example, when you start a film in your cinema room, lights will automatically dim, when your phone rings your music will pause or just pushing the “Away” button when you leave the house for automated lighting control that turns off and closes specific lights and shades, adjusts the heat or air conditioning, and activates your security system. It is just a case of tailoring it to your needs and requirements.


  • Savant is based on modular designs with complete scalability
  • Easily customised to fuse seamlessly with your personal decor and aesthetic taste
  • Apple-based technologies, designed to deliver an unprecidented level of efficiency and simplicity
  • Up-datable and future-proof
Savant in Home

When refurbishing a space, good planning is essential and our many years of experience make this as painless as possible. We will deal with the complexities of all the new technology for the home and deliver a system that is intuitive , reliable and easy to use. We work closely with your architects and team on site, continually project managing site to ensure a timely delivery of the systems.

Our initial meetings and quotes are all done free of charge so please don’t hesitate to give us a call to arrange a meeting to discuss your plans.

We’d be delighted to meet just to run through what’s possible to help you form ideas at the planning stage.