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Home Cinema Installation, London & South England

Home Cinema Installation, London & South England

Home Cinema Installation-London

Adair Acoustic is one of the most experienced home cinema installers in London and the UK. We have successfully carried out hundreds of cinemas and most often with our whole house installations it is the room our clients comment on as ‘surpassing their expectations’. Whether you are looking for a incredibly impressive screen that covers an entire wall or a discrete installation which retracts into the ceiling, we have the tools and knowledge to give you exactly what you are after and more.

We find home cinema to be a very exciting part of any project, as real film fanatics we understand the joy that a great installation can produce. Bringing a true cinematic experience into homes always fun.

Over the years we have learnt how to achieve the best performance without spending unnecessarily. The chance to really excel and produce a terrific performance doesn’t need to cost a fortune, but careful planning right from the start is essential. This is where experience and know-how comes in. We sit down with our clients and talk through everything before starting the project, we like to keep the client as involved as possible. This allows us to tailor the cinema to the clients wants and needs.

There are many ways of approaching the cinema, but small details can dramatically alter the end performance, particularly when a room is designed for the multi functioning of cinema and living space.


Home Cinema Screen

The advancement of picture quality in recent years is extremely exciting. If 1080p is not enough for you any more, we are able to install projectors with the latest 4K technology, which will give a crystal clear picture with impressive blacks.

Of course, it is not as simple as buying a high quality 4k projector. You also need to select the correct screen material, ensure all your distances are correct for your projector and perfect the lighting in the room to ensure you are going to get your optimum picture quality.

All these variants are second nature to us; we are able to provide truly high-end visuals that will leave you wanting to re-watch your entire film collection over and over again.



Some people like to show off their state-of-the-art projector, others like to hide it away or retract it into the ceiling. We use a wide range of ceiling lifts, we are able to turn this functional apparatus into a real feature. Watch your guests wow as your beautiful projector descends from your ceiling.

It is not just the projectors that can be recessed into the ceiling. The screen can be hidden away too. This type of screen is ideal for those who want to turn their living room into a home cinema. We can discretely install the speakers into the ceiling or walls and hide all the wires, so during the day you can continue to have your spacious, comfortable living room but by night you can transform it into an impressive home cinematic experience.


Wisdom Audio

Great sound makes an enormous difference to a home cinema, and can get ignored by less-experienced installers. Our background and knowledge of Hi-Fi allows us to know which speakers to install for a real immersive sound.

Academy Award® winning writer-director George Lucas (Star Wars, American Graffiti) once told a reporter at Variety, “Sound is 50 percent of the moviegoing experience.” and in a recent interview, director Danny Boyle admitted that he thought sound makes an even greater impact. “The truth is, for me, it’s obvious that 70, 80 percent of a movie is sound. You don’t realise it because you can’t see it.”

That means you can make the image as large and as detailed as you like, but its the audio quality that will really move you and involve you in the film.

Depending on your needs we are able to install a simple 2 speaker setup, 5.1, 7.1 or even the latest Auro3D technology to ensure you are surrounded by great sound and really feel like you are in the thick of things.


Kaleidescape Cinema One
When it comes to installing a media player for your home cinema, we strongly recommend going with Kaleidescape. With this system you are able burn and store your entire Blu-Ray and DVD collection to its hard-drive and then access the collection instantly. Kaleidescape  is the only system currently available which is able to download movies in genuine BluRay quality.

With the addition of a Kaleidescape server, you are also able to access you collection from anywhere in your house. Kaleidescape servers store pristine, bit-for-bit copies of your movies and music. Another great feature is that even though 1 server can store thousands and thousands of films, if you do run out of space you can simply add more disk cartridges to your server, and when it’s full, add more servers. It is impossible to run out of space for your movies.

Those luckier enough to have more than one house, will not have to buy duplicates of their film collection, with Kaleidescape you can replicate it as many times as you like.


Savant User Interfaces

We are experts in control. If you are tired of having 5 or 6 different remote for you home TV, DVD, Speakers etc. then you will be pleased to hear that we can program everything to be controlled by one single unit, be that a designated remote or simply through your ipad.

This includes control of the Kaleidescape system, TV and speakers but also elements like heating and lighting control. If it can be controlled, we can integrate it into your system.


There are many nice extras that we can add to your home cinema to enhance your experience, these include sound proofing (we recommend the ‘room within a room’ method), mood lighting, cinema furniture and cold drink fridges. However you want to ‘do up’ your media room, we’ve got you covered!