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PMC Loudspeakers

PMC is a manufacturer that has made itself a huge reputation in the pro/studio sector. Their speakers have been used by the likes of Stevie Wonder and Prince but it is not just the studio where you can find PMC speakers, their Hi-Fi loudspeakers have too become common place in homes around the world.

Why We Chose PMC

At Adair Acoustic, we pride ourselves on helping customer’s find the products that best suits their tastes, where as the ATC range give a very natural fluid sound, we find that the bass and power of the PMC speakers really suits people who are looking for a certain excitement and bite to their speakers.

There is also no denying that the beautiful design of the PMC speakers feels right at home in our showroom located at the heart of London’s famous Clerkenwell Design Quarter.

PMC twenty.23 Loudspeakers

History of PMC

In 1990, Peter Thomas, who was working as an engineer at the BBC’s famous Maida Vale studios, sold his first loudspeaker the ‘BB5’ to the studio and strangely enough had to leave the company straight after. “The boss said I couldn’t work at the corporation and make money from it. Like a madman, I left,” said Thomas. The BBC ended up buying eight speakers and Thomas stuck to his guns and left to form his own ‘Professional Monitor Company’ or ‘PMC’. Probably the smartest decision he ever made.

With just a bank loaned budget of £80,000, Peter and business partner Adrian Loader set about buying test equipment and enough parts as they could get for their money. Even in the early days, Adrian would fly out to America with their speakers and try to sell. A philopshy that has helped make the PMC name internationally respected. Despite the troubles it can bring, PMC are not scared of spreading their wings around the world, their speakers are currently sold in over 33 countries with 75% of sales coming outside of the UK.

PMC celebrated their 20th anniversary in 2010 with the release of their ‘twenty’ range of hi-fi speakers. These were an instant hit with their unique slanted design and great, exciting sound. This range has gone on to be one of PMC’s most successful and remains up there with their superb ‘FACT’ loudspeakers.

Basically, the rest is history, in just 24 years, PMC have become one of the largest, and most respected speaker manufacturers in the world and one of the biggest forces in the studio, home and custom install markets.

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